What We Do

Rabbee & Associates provides consulting services to clients located anywhere in the world. While we specialize in Life Sciences solutions for pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics or devices companies, we also serve any clients needing data analytics services.


General Statistical and Data Science services provided, as well as Advanced Analytics services, such as  Study Design for regulatory or payer approval or research advancement, Predictive Biomarker Development or Bioinformatics Signature Development.

General Statistical Services

  • Statistics for Process Control, QC, Reliability
  • PD Assay Development
  • Observational Study Design
  • Randomized Study Design
  • Advanced Data Analysis, Modeling and Visualization
  • Machine Learning & Signature Development
  • High Performance Algorithm Development
  • Parallelization of computing
  • Strategy for Drug or Diagnostics Development
  • Co-development of Drug and Companion Diagnostic Test


Dr. Nusrat Rabbee is an expert data scientist and statistician with deep experience in the drug and diagnostics development industry in the bay area. She has helped develop targeted therapies, diagnostic tests from high dimensional genomic data and disease monitoring tests based on biomarkers. She is an accomplished data scientist cross-trained in the disciplines of biostatistics, bioinformatics and computer science.  She completed a PhD at Harvard University in Biostatistics and an NSF postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley in Statistics. Prior to life sciences, she worked as a computer scientist in the semiconductor industry. She received a BA in Computer Science and Economics at Wellesley College. Dr. Rabbee holds patents and commercially sold algorithms for array-based genomic technologies.

Virtual Office

Rabbee and Associates is a virtual firm; while the physical location of the office is in Berkeley, California, the client can be located anywhere in the world.


Write us today at contact@sfdatascience.com for your analytics needs.

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