Dr. Rabbee is an expert in applying advanced analytics (data science and statistics) in the life sciences industry. She helps drug and diagnostics companies develop their products and strategies. She has co-invented several algorithms/ predictive molecular signatures for diagnostic tests (Veracyte), drug efficacy/toxicity profiles (Genentech / Gilead) and industry-adopted bioinformatics algorithms (Affymetrix – BRLMM).

Dr. Rabbee has consulted on non-clinical and clinical statistical analysis (Lilly, Abbott, and other partners) projects. She has designed observational studies (Myriad Genetics), as well as randomized experiments (many partners).  Prior to over 12 years spent in the life sciences industry, she has spent another 13 years in software engineering in the semiconductor manufacturing industry as well as in quantitative management consulting (PriceWaterhouse-Coopers).

The goal of Rabbee & Associates is to help clients develop their products based on solid analytical principles with the goal of obtaining regulatory or payer approval.

Dr. Rabbee’s current research interests include novel computational and statistical methodologies and invent/adapt them to bring benefit to client partners in bringing advanced genomics hardware, diagnostic tests or targeted therapies to market.

Dr. Rabbee teaches modern statistics and machine learning at UC Berkeley.